The latest iteration of his story followed his recantation days earlier that he had made the whole thing up in an effort to discredit Fine’s team because it had bested his favorite team, Kansas, in the 2003 NCAA championships.

In an email to news outlets on Tuesday, the day before Tomaselli was to report to the Androscoggin County Jail in Auburn, he explained that he only confessed to fabricating the Fine story because he sought to divert media attention from his sentencing on charges stemming from his sexual abuse of a 13-year-old boy. Tomaselli was sentenced last week to serve three years and three months in prison for two felonies and two misdemeanors.

In his most recent email, Tomaselli wrote that he had given an interview on the day of his sentencing to a reporter at the Syracuse school newspaper, The Daily Orange, during which he admitted making up the accusations against Fine, using information gleaned from an earlier Fine accuser.

“I lost control and told him I made up the Bernie Fine thing to make a point so that would trump the story about my sentencing with the quotes I did not like,” he wrote.

Tomaselli said that the day the story ran, he called the same Daily Orange reporter “hundreds of times in a row and texted him hundreds of times as well.”

“I was losing control,” Tomaselli wrote. “I was harassing him non-stop.”

The reporter, Michael Cohen, confirmed on Thursday that he had received repeated calls and text messages from Tomaselli. The barrage of calls and texts was so heavy, the reporter said, he was unable to use his phone for two hours.

Also in his email, Tomaselli wrote that members of the former soccer team at Tripp Middle School (in Turner) where he had served as a coach surprised him with a party at Buffalo Wild Wings over the past week. His former players presented him with a jacket bearing his name and the word “coach.”

A manager at that restaurant told a Sun Journal reporter that neither he nor the other manager at the restaurant remember any such gathering or event.

Tomaselli wrote in his email that he wanted his 9- and 16-year-old cousins to look up to him as a hero. He said the two were sitting and watching him compose his email as he wrote it.

Tomaselli’s probation officer, said he planned to investigate whether Tomaselli’s admission was a violation of his bail conditions. Tomaselli’s probation conditions include no contact with anyone younger than 18.

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