WEST PARIS – May is named for Maia, the Greek goddess of spring and growth. The First Universalist Church offers diverse worship services, from encouraging spiritual growth to appreciating and protecting the earth. Services are presented with a combination of Worship Service Committee members and guest speakers. All are welcome to attend; services are 9 a.m. every Sunday until mid-June.

May 6, “Hell and Universal Salvation,” led by The Rev. Kate Braestrup, an ordained minister having graduated from the Bangor Theological Seminary in 2004. She is an author and mother of six children; she has served as chaplain to the Maine Warden Service since 2001. Braestrup performs weddings, and advises individuals and couples on “how to enter into, be content within or extract themselves from the married state.” It is out of these experiences, coupled with her own, that Braestrup has written “Marriage and Other Acts of Charity;” her best seller is “Here If You Need Me.” You can learn more about Braestrup and her other creative works by visiting www.katebraestrup.com.

May 13, Sixth Principle: The goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all, led by the Worship Service committee. The annual flower communion will also be observed during the service. People are invited to bring a bouquet, a single flower or a plant for the church’s new garden. Following the service will be a dedication of a Peace Pole led by The Rev. Richard Beal. The Peace Pole was donated by Mary Adams in memory of her husband, Rev. Herb Adams, and is decorated in several languages with the phrase: May Peace Prevail on Earth. The peace pole includes Finnish in recognition of the local Finnish community. Members of the Finnish Society and the Mission Congregational Church are invited to take part.

May 20, The First Universalist Church will have a worship service exchange at the Mission Congregational Church, Church Street, led by Pastor Wally Farnum.

May 27, “Grandparents,” led by Cindy Reedy, who is a third generation Unitarian Universalist and teacher. She encourages people attending to bring along their own grandparent stories.

For more information, call Marta Clements at 674-2143 or visit www.uua.org.

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