Residents, non-residents, taxpayers, vacationers and friends who care about Eustis Ridge are all needed.

A non-resident taxpayer, owning property in residential/recreation zoning, is allowing a commercial business to submit an application to put up a 150-foot cell phone tower on a prime, scenic piece of property on Eustis Ridge.

I am sure a lot of people are intrigued thinking . . . that is great news. Cell phone reception wherever you go; no dropped calls or interference.

People should know that they can still have that. It doesn’t have to be in a residential neighborhood.

With all the mountains, hills and ridges that surround us, there are so many to choose from that would work just as well, so why choose the one ridge, Eustis Ridge, visible for most of us to see and be enjoyed by all?

That area is an historical landmark for the locals. It is a destination sight for visitors, artists, photographers, outdoor enthusiasts and many more.

Our beautiful, pristine, panoramic views must not be sold out to corporate America. We must not let those big companies come in and fill their pockets at our expense. It is wrong.

We must protect our lands for future generations.

Thank God for “The Friends of Bigelow” for saving the Bigelow Range.

Sherie Scribner Packard, Eustis

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