RUMFORD — The following students were named to the Mountain Valley Middle School honor roll for the second trimester.

Celina Adley, Hailey Akers, Chelsea Allison, Andrew Arsenault, Caleb Austin, Lucas Beaudoin, Riley Bell, Hunter Bernard, Karissa Bickford, Abigail Blauvelt, Alecia Bolduc, Ethan Boucher, Sarah Bourret, Isaac Brennick, Ian Brennick, Tony Bryant, Melissa Burgess, Makayla Burgess, Chanelle Carey, Brooke Carrier, Alan Carrier, Brooke Carver, Emma Casey, Andrew Cayer, Peter Cogley, Vanessa Cote, Jacob Coulombe, Marissa Crosby, Katelyn Cummings.

Also, Parker Davis, Eric Deanis, Valerie DeRoehn, Baylee Dresser, Gabriella Dufault, Alexys Duguay, Jordan Duguay, Alexandria Durland, Colin Ellsworth, Andrew Farrar, Karen Flaherty, Ryley Flynn, Aaron Frost, McKenzie Fulton, Curtis Gauvin, Katelyn Gross, Kaylee Hagen, Madison Heinzen, Kristen Henry, Megan Henry, Krysta Hodsdon.

Also, Ian Jacques, Madeleine Kaubrys, Kaleb Knapp, Allison Kuralt, Cortney Lavorgna, Alyvia Lee, Nathaniel Legere, Hannah Leonard, Levi Lynch, Joshua Maillet, Logan Mason, Cheyenne May, Abigail Mazza, Drew McKenna, Devin Merrow, Makayla Miller, Jesse Moniz, Brenna Myles, Shannon Newcomb, Nicholas Newman, Stephanie Nicols, Austin Oswald.

Also, Travis Palmer, Cameron Payne, Jesse Pelletier, Julia Perry, Amanda Petrie, Julianne Petrie, Sydney Petrie, Megan Philbrick, Hannah Pierce, Jillian Provencher, Natalie Richard, Alexander Ridley, Dylan Roberts, Rebecca Roy, Ashley Russell, Jacob Sinclair, Julia Sirois, Emma Somers, Connor Steele, Lauren Sterling, Basil Stickley, Brooke Sweetser.

Also, Lee Tang, Alexis Theriault, Kelsey Theriault, Kelli Trenoweth, Jordyn Turner, Andrew Weston, Alicia White, Lindsey White, Liza White, Cheyenne White, Renae Wright and Ashlynn Young.

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