DEAR SUN SPOTS: On Feb. 22, 2011, your newspaper ran a story about Cecil “Mush” Moore and his long trek with a dog sled. In an old suitcase we bought some time ago we found a picture of a man standing next to a dog sled. On the back is written Cecil “Mush” Moore.

Does he have any family in the area who might want the suitcase and photo (no charge, of course)? We live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Thanks. — Gerry Hawke, [email protected]

ANSWER: How astonishing! A column by David Sargent on Feb. 22, 2011, referred to a story written in 1950, so it’s difficult to say if any descendants of “Mush” Moore are still around. But if so, readers will surely respond.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: This is for Gail who had trouble navigating the dcwg website (April 25). Google “” Click on “Checking Windows 7 for infections,” then click on the URL for “English” in the list that comes up.

This should result in bringing up the page that assures you that your computer has not been hacked into with a message to that effect. — C.R. by email

ANSWER: Sun Spots ran C.R.’s suggestion by Mr. Sun Spots, who said it is safe. He has also come up with another method that is even easier and perhaps even safer: It works on both XP and Windows 7, and being a numerical address does not itself depend on DNS, so may be the safest way to test for infection.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Maine Franco-American Genealogical Society is looking for a good, used laptop. We are hoping that someone has one that they recently replaced with a newer model. We would be very happy to have the one that they have not yet gotten around to donating to someone.

The society needs a laptop that has a CD tray, a USB port and suitable software and memory to handle PowerPoint presentations. An equipment donation would certainly ease our strained budget.

If you might be able to help MFGS, please contact us at 786-3327. Leave a message if no one is on duty when you call. We will get back to you. Our thanks to anyone who can help us. — Maine Franco-American Genealogical Association

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Concerning the reader who questioned computer usage in a health care (doctor or dentist) operatory (April 26), I am an independent dental hygienist in Mexico. The Centers for Disease Control has very stringent disinfection and sterilization guidelines for health care offices:

The protocol we have to follow is straightforward: If a piece of equipment is touched while gloved, that surface has to be either covered with a disposable barrier or if not covered, has to be disinfected.

This procedure is followed each time a patient leaves the operatory. The barrier is discarded and replaced or a disinfecting solution is applied to the surface.

If the reader has any further questions, I would be happy try to answer them. — Lisa Doherty, 364-1480, [email protected]

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