I write on behalf of four tax-paying, civic-minded residents of Auburn who felt compelled to be heard after reading about the vote on the Auburn school budget (May 9).

We were all unaware of the vote and were stunned to read about it the day after.

We all read the local newspaper on a regular basis and we never miss an opportunity to vote.

Since our children are beyond their school years, there was no note coming home from the school department.

It seems the city administration and local newspaper did a less than adequate job in getting word out about this vote. Was anyone considering the vast majority who don’t have children in school?

And some wonder why the turnout was so small.

Mona Murphy and three others, Auburn

Editor’s note: In addition to a number of budget stories noting the May 8 referendum voting date, the Sun Journal published a story the day before the vote reminding residents of where and when to vote, and the Auburn School Department placed a detailed legal notice in the newspaper a little more than a week before the vote as required by law.

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