100 years ago, 1912
The Study Club at Mechanic Falls set apart a day as “Cleaning-up Day,” and the intention was to “pick up” the flying paper and other things which were cluttering the streets and sidewalks and then trust to the individuals to help in keeping picked up. The school authorities, it is understood, thoroughly approved of the plan and were glad to co-operate. The children, too, were enthusiastic but some of the parents “turned up their noses,” so to speak, and allowed that if their children were asked to do the work of the road commissioner, they would not allow them to go to school.

50 years ago, 1962
Postal officials in both Lewiston and Auburn today confirmed reports that clerks at the post offices won’t accept Canadian currency. A Postal Regulation stipulates that no foreign currency may be accepted. In the past, however, post offices have accepted Canadian money because its value was about equal in that of U.S. currency. Now that the Canadian dollar is worth less than the U.S. dollar, the stamp salesmen at the post offices have to make up the difference in the currency from their own pockets, if they accept Canadian money.
25 years ago, 1987
An alert custodian working Sunday at the City Building in Lewiston enabled police to catch an intruder who was later charged with burglary. Gerry Scanlon called police twice Sunday … once to report that a door had been pried partially open, and a second time to report he chased someone out of the building. Using a description provided by Scanlon, police apprehended a man a block away from the City Building and charged him with burglary, possession of burglary tools and possession of stolen property. He had two keys, one to the city’s Personnel Office and a second to the building’s alarm system. After questioning, the man was charged with another City Building burglary which occurred May 15. About $45 was taken in that incident.

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