DEAR SUN SPOTS: I read that Maine has the lowest birth rate of any state. Can you verify this? Thank you in advance. — Hank, Poland

ANSWER: Sun Spots didn’t find that exact statement in her online searches, but there is no doubt that Maine’s birth rate is low. At, it says Maine had the third lowest birth rate, behind Vermont and New Hampshire, in 2009.

The facts line up differently if you are looking at teen birth rates, which frequently make the news. Among children born to teenagers, Maine is the sixth lowest, an April 10 Portland Press Herald story stated.

Where Maine is tops is in median age. A post cites Maine’s median age at 42.7. Following Maine in oldest median age are, once again, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Many people might expect Florida to be the oldest, and it does have the highest percentage of seniors, with West Virginia coming in second.

This means that Florida has more seniors, but that the state also has more younger people (i.e., children) to balance them, thereby lowering its median age.

In Maine, the population is “clogged” in the middle. We don’t have as many seniors as Florida, but we also don’t have as many children or young families.

When it comes to youth, Utah is the nation’s youngest state, followed by Texas, Alaska, the District of Columbia and Idaho.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am organizing the 35th class reunion for Mt. Blue High School, which will be held at Ticomb’s Ski Slope on Aug. 4 and will be an all-day and evening event.

I am looking for a catering service in the area that could provide a hamburgers-hot dogs-type meal for us, in which they would have to bring their own grilling facilities.

I can be reached at 645-4472 evenings after 5 p.m. or via email. — Dawn Young, [email protected]

ANSWER: Sun Spots has a couple of suggestions, but she is sure others will contact you as well.

* LaFleur’s, 224 Main St., Jay, 897-2117

* Two Sisters Catering: Janice Sweeney, 897-2122, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: How we miss Graziano’s restaurant. Their creamy Italian house salad dressing was the best. I would buy it by the quart to take home.

Could you please see if you could get the recipe for me? I would like to be able to make it myself and at least have that small remembrance of the best Italian restaurant I have ever eaten at. Thank you. — Karin, Auburn

ANSWER: Sun Spots thinks the chances are good that someone from that now-closed restaurant will see this letter and provide the desired recipe.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I recently was shopping at the CVS store on Sabattus Street in Lewiston. On my way out I dropped my bank debit card.

I realized it was missing the next morning, so I called the store and was told an older gentleman had found it and turned it in. They didn’t get his name.

So whoever you are I am so grateful for your honesty and all the hassle I won’t have to go through getting it replaced. It is so heartwarming to know there are thoughtful, honest people in this day and age. Thanks again! — R. B. Tremblay, Turner

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