RANGELEY — Staff from the state land regulation agency is recommending a public hearing be held on permits for a proposed residential subdivision and recreational vehicle campground in Dallas and Sandy River plantations.

Mistymoonbeam LLC, doing business as Camp Do What You Wanna, has submitted applications for a proposed 30-site recreational vehicle campground in Sandy River Plantation and a proposed 28-lot residential subdivision in Dallas Plantation.

Maine Land Use Regulation Commission staff had received 17 letters signed by 28 local residents and property owners, including Dallas and Sandy River plantations officials, giving comments, expressing concerns and objecting to the applicant’s proposal as of June 28, according to documents posted on LURC’s website.

Several of them had requested a public hearing be held including Dallas Plantation authorities.

LURC will take up the staff’s recommendation during its monthly meeting beginning at 9:30 a.m. Friday, July 13, at Rangeley Lakes Region School. The Commission oversees about 10 million acres in the state that are considered unorganized territory.

Mistymoonbeam LLC owns approximately 403 contiguous acres of land in the two plantations. The 154-acre parcel of land located in Dallas Plantation is zoned for residential development subdistrict and the abutting 249-acre parcel in Sandy River Plantation is zoned for general management subdistrict, according to information provided to the Commission by LURC staff member Sara L. Brusila, a regional representative.

The proposed residential and campground development would be accessed from Harold Foss Road, off Dallas Hill Road, an existing public road maintained by Dallas Plantation and Old County Road, an existing private road.

The applicant proposes a network of interior roads that would extend from Old County Road and provide access to the majority of the proposed development on both parcels. The proposal also includes building a maintenance garage in Dallas Plantation, near the intersection of Harold Foss Road and Old County Road. Mistymoonbeam has not petitioned to change the zoning of the areas.

According to Brusila’s document, concerns and issues raised over the proposed development include: the effect of increased traffic on the two roads; access for emergency and other services, particularly across Old County Road; the applicant’s right, title or interest to maintain and upgrade the Old County Road; maintaining existing all-terrain vehicle and snowmobile access to the interconnected trail system; and affects on Nile Brook and its tributaries.

Other concerns are effects on wildlife habitat and existing residential uses and real estate values from increased noise, lighting and traffic associated with the proposed development.

Sandy River officials also pointed out, according to Brusila’s document, that solid waste must be disposed of through arrangements with a private contractor rather than through the plantations as proposed by the applicant.

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