At a recent Dixfield selectmen meeting, the town manager pointed out that there were a number of people in town who were favorable to the idea of a wind energy facility on Colonel Holman Mountain ridge, but, in his opinion, were not interested in a confrontation with the opposing side.

Certainly, no one would disparage anyone for not wanting to get into an argument and have bitterness prevail. There is much to admire about those who have a quiet and determined viewpoint. More often than not, there are many more of us with that attribute than those out to “rattle the cage” and exclaim for debate.

We learn from each other, whether it be by open, civil discourse or by secret ballot and, in the end, decisions are based on majority decision.

As we, the citizens of Dixfield, apply due process and thought to the meaning of what becomes of our community with the addition of an industrial wind energy facility, may our decisions be based on what is best for us all.

As one selectman said, this will be the most important decision Dixfield citizens will make in many years.

Dan McKay, Dixfield

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