Consider the following fictitious scenario: A man and woman conceive a child and, nine months later, a beautiful baby boy is born.

Ten years pass and he grows into a healthy, handsome young man with a quick wit and infectious laugh. Sadly, his parents regret their decision to have him and, in one cruel act of violence, end the boy’s life. As they are led away to shouts of “murderers” and “monsters,” their only response is, “He was our son, it was our choice.”

Now rewind the clock 10 years. This same couple conceives a child and decides they don’t want the responsibility of parenthood. They visit a clinic and abort his life.

There will be no quick wit, no infectious laugh, nothing. Oddly, there are no cries of “murderers,” only tolerance and approval. After all, it’s legal. Right?

When people enter the polls this November, they should consider who they will vote for. Will it be the president, who not only supports abortion, but will force taxpayers to fund it through the Affordable Care Act? Can voters really support a man who said “I don’t want my daughters to pay for their mistakes by, you know, having a baby.”?

I thank God every day for the precious gift of my grandchildren and my daughter’s decisions to bring them into this world. I urge those who are pro-choice to make the right choice and vote for life.

Mark Beaudoin, Hanover

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