I am voting for Mike Beaulieu because he is a man of integrity. He does not believe in using character assassination to win an election.

Beaulieu has spent 40 years teaching children how to be good citizens because he cares about them and their future. He has served three terms in the Maine Legislature trying to help all Mainers, rather than pandering to a select few. He is a pragmatist rather than an idealist. He knows how complicated it is to vote on issues that are not clear-cut.

His Democratic opponents paint him as a villain by using a black-and-white explanation for his voting record, in a gray world.

I believe Mike Beaulieu takes his legislative responsibilities very seriously. He doesn’t have the luxury of being a “Monday morning quarterback,” as many of his opponents do.

A man of character makes the right decisions in the end.

Donna Helwig, Auburn

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