100 years ago, 1912
Four Auburn young men, who by this time should be well on their way to Florence, Ariz., are still enjoying the pleasures of home. All of the four resigned their positions here to accept an alluring offer from a man who said he was from Livermore Falls. The man promised them $90 a month and transportation, and said he would meet them Saturday. The young men were ready and so was the train, but the transportation was not forthcoming. They are now trying to puzzle out just what the game was, and incidentally, two of them are temporarily out of a job.

50 years ago, 1962
Lewiston Alderman Joseph T. Poulin visited the Montello Junior High School area yesterday afternoon to observe traffic conditions and called it “the most dangerous spot that I’ve ever seen in the City of Lewiston.” He said, “We’ve got to build a sidewalk for the school children despite what it may cost, for the safety of the kids.” He added, “I asked the police department, as an emergency measure, to have more signs posted along the road, ‘East Avenue’ painted in the road, and to have patrol boys put near the entrance of the school so that they can assure a safe crossing of the street for the students.“ There are no sidewalks along East Avenue at this time and the children have to walk in the road.

25 years ago, 1987
Greg Maxim was covered with spaghetti sauce Tuesday afternoon in the cafeteria at Lewiston High School. Maxim wasn’t surprised that he won the school’s spaghetti-eating contest, upstaging an eager group of upperclassmen in the process. The trick, he said, is to inhale. Forget about chewing, said the newly-named spaghetti king. “It just went straight down.” The contest was held in celebration of Spirit Week at LHS, which was held for the first time in many years.

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