DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thank you so much for all your help. Winter is upon us, and I am looking for someone in the nearby area who will be doing snowplowing this winter. Please provide a list if you have one available. Thank you. — B. Mathieu, Lewiston

ANSWER: This is a question Sun Spots gets asked repeatedly and rarely has a response to. She has the name of one man, handyman Dean Hinkley (375-6163), who will use your snowblower for you.

Service seems to be based on neighborhood. Have you asked your neighbors? That’s how Sun Spots found someone.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I remember reading this past spring or last fall of a person who comes to your home in the Lewiston-Auburn area to fix lawnmowers and snowblowers. I am a widow and do not drive a truck but need someone to fix my lawnmower and my small snowblower and wondering if that person that did this in past is still in business. I thought I kept his information but can’t find it. Can you please publish information? I will look for it in upcoming columns. Thank you. — No Name, Auburn

ANSWER: Sun Spots guesses you are referring to Nicholas Lagassee, Nick’s Mowers and Blowers, [email protected] or 577-1816.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Are there any local services that prepare a week’s worth of meals for delivery or pickup? I thought there was an article in the paper recently about a woman in Auburn who owns a farm and provides this type of service. I’m not looking for Meals on Wheels but more of a personal chef who will make a week’s worth of meals.

Also would you have a list of people who offer sewing lessons? Thanks so much for your help; I always find your column interesting and helpful. — No Name via email

ANSWER: Sun Spots doesn’t recall that story and searching for general terms with no proper name to include garners too many responses to weed out, but surely someone will respond to your inquiry.

As for sewing lessons, Sun Spots only has one in her Rolodex: Mainly Sewing, 114 Western Ave., Auburn, 783-9406. Again, someone else may respond with options.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Schools usually sell Subway coupon booklets as a fundraiser each fall, but I cannot locate any this year in the Rumford-Mexico area. Are there any other schools participating with this program this fall? — L. Blais, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have a question on phone cards. I need to have one, have had for years. I used to purchase my cards at BJ’s; now they don’t carry them anymore. I purchased one at a drugstore, and the rates were unreal — 48 minutes before you even speak! It makes no sense. I called Marden’s; they don’t carry them anymore. Do you know of any other place where we can buy them? Please help. Thank you very much. — [email protected]

ANSWER: Sun Spots guesses you missed Sept. 5’s column, where two readers wrote in with helpful suggestions. Check out for their recommendations for Penny Talk (1-877-736-6925) and AT&T virtual prepaid phone cards.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Our cleaning company found an antique photo album in a building in Greene. Please contact me if it’s yours. Thank you. — Rose Pelletier, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: For your readers looking for old-fashioned candy (Sept. 10), they may want to try Yummies on Route 1 in Kittery. Their website is

You also had readers looking for assistance in cleaning out their loved ones homes or apartments. Elizabeth McMullen from Caring Transitions can be reached by phone or at or 319-3472. She is based in Brunswick. — Carolyn Arenburg, [email protected]

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