I firmly believe that President Barack Obama has stoked the fires of class warfare during his presidency, though he promised otherwise. When he went to Chicago and began his community organizing, he used the Saul Alinsky method that stoked resentments in the black community. Obama was taught by a Harvard professor Charles Ogletree, who pushed those resentments by promoting reparations for blacks. Other people in Obama’s life — Jeremiah Wright (God —- America), the Black Panthers (Malcolm X, Huey Newton), the Black Muslims and Bill Ayers — all used that tactic.

Obama promised to transform America. Yes, that mere man dares to try to create a new moral order. Or is it a new immoral order? He sends a message to children that biblical law is outdated and he claims that any sexual conduct is moral.

I believe the mass media continue to show devotion to Democratic candidates, including Obama. How can there be an honest election under those circumstances?

Obama, the god king.

Elaine Graham, Farmington

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