FARMINGTON — A Stratton man was sentenced Monday to serve 18 months in prison and two years’ probation for multiple charges, including aggravated criminal mischief.

Zachary Haines, 21, formerly of Farmington, pleaded no contest to aggravated criminal mischief in Franklin County Superior Court. He also pleaded no contest in a separate domestic violence case.

He had previously pleaded guilty in 2011 in connection to 2010 charges of aggravated criminal mischief and assault. He received a two-year deferred disposition with conditions to follow.

That 2010 case involved charges related to forcing a Livermore man to drive him and two co-defendants around Farmington and assaulting him. It also entailed burning an all-terrain vehicle. Arson and aggravated assault charges were dismissed for Haines in the plea agreement last year.

Assistant District Attorney Andrew Robinson told the court Monday that if the case for aggravated criminal mischief went to trial, testimony would be given by a Farmington police officer that she responded to a motor vehicle accident on Center Bridge on June 11.

She would testify that Haines, the driver, told her his flip-flop got stuck under a pedal. Gilbert would also testify that the owner of the car, who was a passenger, gave the same account of the accident.

The victim would testify at trial that Haines and she were fighting because she was supposed a cash a check and forgot her identification card. She would testify that Haines was so mad he purposely turned the car into another car, Robinson said. She would also tell the court that she was afraid and Haines told her to tell police the flip-flop story.

Justice Michaela Murphy agreed to the sentencing the state and defense attorneys proposed on the cases. She sentenced Haines to five years in prison with all but six months in prison and two years’ probation on the 2012 aggravated criminal mischief charge.

She also ordered Haines to serve one year in prison for the 2010 case to run consecutive to the aggravated criminal mischief sentence.

He was also sentenced to 90 days in jail to run concurrent with those sentences on the 2012 domestic assault charge.

The agreement calls for Haines to complete a certified batterers prevention program and to have no contact with the victims in all cases.

He was ordered to pay $2,735.34 in restitution for the benefit of the victim in the accident. He was also ordered to pay, through the Department of Corrections, $326.63 to a Farmington businessman for damage to his worker’s windshield. The businessman had paid to have the windshield of an employee fixed, Robinson said.

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