What is the true measure of a leader? It is his/her ability to influence with integrity. Maine and this country are in desperate need of leadership. Not just any leadership, but true, authentic, transformational leadership.

Scholars say the definition of an authentic, transformational leader is “a self-confident person, who has strong moral values, creates a model for others to follow, articulates their goals, shows competence, and arouses good values and motives in others.” (Northouse, 2009)

I was fortunate to work with former Gov. Angus King on several projects. I gained first-hand experience of his leadership qualities. I found that everyone trusted him. His leadership brought about a heightened since of integrity and moral value to all we were doing.

I consider the November election to be a great opportunity to stand up for a great leader and will vote for Angus King for U.S. senator for Maine.

Kristin Tardif, Lewiston

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