Regarding the Sept. 23 article on Route 4 accidents — here are a couple of thoughts:

There is a saying that guns do not kill people, that people kill people. The same is true of the Route 4 issue: Highways don’t kill people, drivers kill people.

I have traveled Route 4 between Farmington and Biddeford for many years, but the northbound stretch from Auburn to just before Wilton is treacherous. While the Lake Shore Drive turn is important, what about people who are turning across traffic into any of the businesses (Roy’s, Paris Farmers, etc.) on either side of the road?

While I am no saint regarding driving, there are so many people who are driving to endanger that I am amazed that there are not more problems.

Speed, stupidity, lack of driving skill, etc.

I thought the signs were speed limits, not speed suggestions. Speed is an important factor that reduces the time available to react and increases the violence of impact, but it is an aggravating factor, not a cause.

In fact, the majority of those who pass me (when I am already traveling 55-60 mph) are women who are not attentive (smoking, on cell phone, etc.). The sections where the limit drops to 35, 40, etc., are honored more by the lack of attention than compliance. One glaring example is the change to 40 mph entering Auburn, where most are continuing at 50-plus until they get to the Auburn Mall area.

Where is law enforcement?

Alfred Cichon, Turner

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