David Marquis’ letter (Sept. 27) took issue with my letter of Sept. 23, but only in certain areas. He could not defend the record of Maine state financial mismanagement from the recent decades of Democrat-dominated state government.

He should see Maurice Theriault’s letter (Oct. 2) which spells out factually the failings of the Obama administration. It is interesting how many people still blindly follow Barack Obama’s lead.

Security lapses at foreign embassies and consulates continue to be revealed each day. Marine guards are at embassies to protect Americans, and they cannot do it with unloaded weapons. They should be loaded and ready at all times. Fact Check revealed the decision that having ammunition was up to each ambassador. That is part of the Obama administration’s weak and apologetic attitude toward those who would terrorize this country. More troops are dying now than ever. The U.S. needs to teach the terrorists a lesson.

Businesses and wealthy people are criticized for being successful, in spite of the fact that they carry the major tax burden and offer the jobs. Maine was ranked last in the U.S. by Forbes magazine for attracting businesses, which is not “making sure the rich get all of the breaks,” noted by Marquis. Maine was near the top on welfare benefits, far above what the state could afford.

The coming election offers a choice between an Obama transformation of a way of life, or a chance to live free.

Thomas F. Shields, Auburn

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