PARIS — Selectmen voted unanimously Tuesday not to restrict hunting in the 147-acre Cornwall Nature Preserve.

The decision comes a year after selectmen voted to divide the preserve into hunting and nonhunting areas following complaints that hunters threatened a group of hikers. Some residents called for restrictions or an outright ban on hunting in the preserve.

On Tuesday, selectmen and residents discussed the impracticality of that plan.

“A bullet doesn’t know where the hunting area starts and stops,” Selectman Robert Kirchherr said.

Chairman Sam Elliot said the line dividing the areas where people can and can’t hunt would be difficult to discern without signs on trees all through the woods.

Calvin Woodworth said that if a deer is shot in the hunting section and runs into the nonhunting section, a hunter has a legal and moral obligation to follow it and end its suffering.

Franca Ainsworth, who chairs the Conservation Committee, said she’ll put up orange signs at the entrances to the preserve to let people know when it’s hunting season and advising them to wear orange.

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