AUBURN — If you missed the fall leaf collections in the Twin Cities this week, don’t worry. They’ll be back next week.

Both cities have scrapped their special fall collections of leaves and other yard rakings in favor of including them with the regular household trash.

“We used to get hundreds of bags left at the curb, and the city would take about two or three weeks and pick them up,” Gary Wadsworth, operations manager at the Auburn Public Works Department, said. “But now, our solid waste collector just does it. People can just put it out with their regular trash and we don’t have to worry about it.”

Pine Tree Waste is collecting leaves in both cities. Auburn residents can leave up to 10 bags curbside per week through Dec. 3. Wadsworth said the weekly limit is in place to keep collections on time.

“If you put 50 bags out, they’ll take 10 or 12 at a time,” he said. “It might take a couple of weeks to get all of them. We just don’t want someone putting out 1,000 bags all at once.”

Lewiston’s program is similar, with weekly collections continuing through November.

Wadsworth said the leaves must be bagged.

“We don’t have a machine that can collect loose leaves and debris,” he said. “We’ll have the mechanical sweeper go by at some point to make sure all the catch basins are clear, but we’d prefer it if residents could bag everything if they are cleaning their yard and not push everything into the street.”

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