100 years ago, 1912
Great was the excitement on Elm Street, Mechanic Falls, near the L. A. and W. Street Railway waiting room, Friday noon, when a large load of oats tipped over. The driver, Winfield Tilton, was pinned beneath the load for a few moments, and when he finally extricated himself was much the worse for bruises and cuts. The horses, however, did not offer to run away, and but for this a serious accident was avoided. The load was top heavy and as the team came down the incline, Mr. Tilton bridled the rack, thus forcing the weight too much on one side of the load, and over it went.

50 years ago, 1962
Auburn police and the city’s Parks and Recreation Department joined forces Thursday to destroy a tree house, the product of youthful enterprise, perched 50 feet up in an elm tree in the Newbury Street area. Police were notified of the house by area residents who feared for the safety of its occupants. They were unable to cope with the situation and called in a crew from the Auburn Parks and Recreation Department to pull down the structure. A second tree house, even higher up than the first, was already under construction.

25 years ago, 1987
(PHOTO CAPTION) Workers from Walsh Construction Co. build a coffer dam to divert the waters of the Androscoggin River during excavation for Central Maine Power’s new $55 million hydroelectric plant. The work on the Lewiston side of the Androscoggin’s Great Falls provides a spectacle this fall from the Longley Bridge between the Twin Cities. Workers put together sections of wood to create a form. After the forms are erected, concrete is poured and allowed to dry before removing the wood casing. The temporary walls will be removed when the blasting and digging required for the construction is finished. The plant is schedule for completion in 1990.

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