LIVERMORE FALLS — Just two months ago, residents of the three-town RSU 73 district approved an operating budget for school year 2012-13 after three tries.

This past week, Superintendent Robert Wall introduced to the board a budget time frame for the development of the 2013-14 operating budget.

Approved for the current year was $18.59 million for education of the district’s nearly 1,600 students.

It seems like we just finished a budget,” Wall said on Friday.

Among the items to be considered will be costs associated with moving all Spruce Mountain High School students onto the Jay campus, moving from two high school principals to one, and myriad other factors.

The current year’s budget eliminated several professional and support positions and made cuts to virtually every cost center.

Ninth-graders from the Livermore Falls campus were moved to the Jay campus at the beginning of the 2012-13 school year, and if all goes well, the remaining 237 sophomores, juniors and seniors will join them at the beginning of school year 2013-14.

The current budget shows that the towns of Jay and Livermore Falls pay a smaller share of the tax burden than the state average of 68 percent. Jay pays 55 percent and Livermore Falls pays 48 percent. Only Livermore pays slightly more than the state average, at 69 percent.

The development of the new budget begins in November when personnel projections are estimated, support personnel reviewed, and new organizational charts presented.

The district’s five schools must submit their individual budgets by Dec. 21. In January, the administrative team will review those figures, then an all-day meeting on Jan. 24 will be held to determine a final proposed administrative budget.

The school board will receive presentations on each of the accounts on Feb. 5 and Feb. 11. A board vote on the final figure is expected on Feb. 26.

Residents will vote on the approved board budget a few weeks later at a district-wide budget meeting. The resulting amount from that meeting will then be validated, or not, at a referendum vote in each town a few days after the district-wide vote.

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