What will Catholics do in 2012? Will they, once again, vote against life, marriage and religious freedoms? In 2008, half of all Catholics voted for the Democratic party.

Democrats made it clear at their convention they do not want religion or God in their platform. The theme was contraception, abortion and gay marriage. Speaker after speaker assaulted the Church and its beliefs. Not only must contraception and abortion be made available to employees, but now the Church must pay for them, against its core beliefs.

President Obama believes in abortion. He has now signed on to gay marriage.

Gay marriage is not about anyone gaining rights but, rather, everyone losing rights. Officials promise religious organizations will be protected but, as has been witnessed, it only takes one liberal judge to overrule a protection.

Freedom of religion and religious rights are almost gone. The right to raise children with the parents’ beliefs, going as well.

It amounts to the most radical stance against people of faith that this country has ever seen.

The assault will get worse. Obama and the Democrats will continue to replace God with government.

It was one thing to vote for hope and change in 2008, but to vote for a party that denied God and Israel three times at its convention — that would be religious suicide.

Again I ask, what will Catholics do in November?

Will they vote their faith or their party?

David Cutter, Turner

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