This is in response to the letter from Marcia Calden (Oct. 14). She stated, “If a gay person’s parents were gay, they wouldn’t be here.”

This is an issue of rights concerning marriage, not reproduction. The two are not synonymous. However, contrary to her perception, some gay people do have children, and some children have gay parents, and the children of gay parents are negatively impacted by their parents’ inability to be legally married.

Calden also stated that for gay people to live together is their business, but implied that for them to marry is not their business.

The obvious question is, why is it her business — a heterosexual who is fully and legally privileged to marry whomever she chooses?

That argument is archaic and yet familiar. Prior to 1900, as a woman, she would not have had the right to choose her wardrobe, let alone her spouse. She could not own property or vote.

So, as she exercises her right to vote, she might consider that, at one time, most men in this country thought it was an abomination for her to do so. It was their opinion and because they had all the rights, privilege and power, they didn’t have to present a compelling argument.

All they had to say was “it is just not right.”

Heather Kern, Lewiston

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