100 years ago, 1912
The East Auburn Benevolent Society will support and keep in order a room at the Women’s Christian Association building, Lewiston, according to a vote taken at a meeting of the society, Thursday, at the Lake Grove House. The meeting was one of the biggest of the season and was an all-day affair. In the forenoon the women made aprons. At noon a dinner was served by the hostess. There were 26 members of the society present.

50 years ago, 1962
A 24-year-old man will appear in Lewiston Municipal Court tomorrow charged with attempting to defraud a teller at the Lewiston raceways October 15 by altering a betting ticket which would have allowed unwarranted collection of $48, according to police. It was reported that the man turned the ticket over to a 16-year-old boy and asked him to cash it at the betting window. The youngster did not know the ticket had been altered. The 24-year-old allegedly changed a number “3” to “8” using a blue ink pen. The alteration was noted by teller Harold Cousins.

25 years ago, 1987
A campaign to promote the Twin Cities on WCSH-TV has drawn mixed reviews from local executives, who say they like the concept but not the method chosen by the Lewiston-Auburn Economic Growth Council. The council, along with officials from WCSH, unveiled plans Tuesday for a two-year marketing campaign dubbed “The Right Move.” It includes full-color brochures, a 10-minute promotional video and a direct-mail program.

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