I would like to express my appreciation to the administration and staff of CMMC and CMHC for their continued assistance and support of Parkview Adventist Medical Center in Brunswick.

The hospital has been very important in the lives of many in my community for the past 50 years, and Mid Coast Hospital’s proposed “merger” would only result in closing PAMC so Mid Coast can have a monopoly on health care in this area.

Many of my neighbors and friends have fond memories of Parkview — they say “I was born there, and my children were born there,” or tell of the care provided by the dedicated doctors and loving nurses who go a second mile to visit, spend time, and even pray with their patients.

I see a lot of “Take me to Parkview” bumper stickers on cars around town, and think of the hundreds of lives that began at Parkview, or were extended by its emphasis on wellness and preventative medicine. As a certain ad on TV puts it, such services are “priceless.”

Joining the CMHC family of hospitals and clinics is the best option for keeping Parkview open and operating, and providing a choice for health care in this community.

Thank you for advocating for the “little guy” and keeping the “big bully” from beating us up.

Tom Kohls, Brunswick

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