100 years ago, 1912

Altho it looked like a very tame session of the board of mayor and aldermen in Lewiston, Thursday evening, the fireworks were set off just before adjournment and a red hot display was given later in the corridor. It was Mayor Morey who touched the match and it was Louis Levasseur, alderman of Ward Five who made things interesting. Mayor Morey suggested that a committee of aldermen solicit bids for old apparatus taken from the electric light station. Just then Alderman Levasseur entered the room and took his seat. “What! Do you mean to say that you have appointed a special committee to take this thing out of the hands of the regular committee on street lights?” said the alderman from Five. He said that his committee had received bids during the day and promised to sell it. Out in the corridor, after the mayor had gone home, the discussion was continued among the aldermen. Mr. Levasseur called down the mayor in no uncertain terms.

50 years ago, 1962
Jane-Lee Store Inc. of New York, believed to be a women’s apparel concern, has leased the former Frances Store at 38 Lisbon St., Lewiston, and is expected to open its new quarters soon.

25 years ago, 1987
A lecture on why and how French Canadians migrated to Lewiston, how they lived here and how they were accepted will be the subject of a series of lectures at Bates College by Yves Frenette, a visiting assistant professor of history. “I’ll look all the way back to when Quebec was New France, and I’ll examine the economic factors that led so many people to leave their homes and go to a new place,” the teacher said. Frenette will use specific people and families as case studies to illustrate his discussion.

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