TOWNSHIP 1, RANGE 6 — A Tuesday evening collision with a moose resulted in the death of the moose, the totaling of a Red Cross blood van, and minor injuries to the van’s two occupants.

“They suffered some cuts when the windshield shattered,” said Maine State Trooper Thomas Fiske. “The 2005 Dodge passenger van they were in was totaled.”

The van — one of two heading back to Bangor after a daylong blood drive in Presque Isle — was going by another vehicle on I-95 south and in the passing lane when the 800-pound cow moose ambled into the passing lane from the woods on the left side of the road.

The collision occurred at 8:25 p.m. just north of Medway. Fiske said none of the blood supply in the totaled van was damaged, and it was all safely transferred into the other van.

No one at the scene wanted the dead moose, which was dragged by Fiske and two passers-by who stopped to help into the woods. A calf was also seen with the cow, but was not hit, and wandered alone into the woods.

“Unfortunately, there isn’t any official program for giving the moose to a local family or someone who can use the meat,” said Fiske. “The driver usually gets first dibs on taking the moose or deer.

“It’s difficult only because of the time and remote locations they’re usually hit, there’s not usually anyone handy to give them away to.”

Fiske, a 20-year Maine State Police veteran who patrols from Bangor to Sherman, said he has responded to as many as five moose-versus-car incidents in one day.

“There’s no guaranteed way to avoid them,” said Fiske. “Just drive carefully, pay attention and be alert, especially this time of year.”

Fire and ambulance units from East Millinocket also assisted at the accident scene.

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