People should not be deceived by groups that support gay marriage. We have been lied to.

When the first election was held, a decade ago, they said it was about equal rights and not to worry, it would not open the door to legal marriage.

Well, it is here.

Now they tell us again, don’t worry, we will not seek to mandate churches to marry us.

Yeah, right.

They will sue any church or business that gets in their way if they have to. They have no tolerance. That is why they keep sending the question up for vote until the outcome goes in their favor.

I remember when the people of Maine turned gay marriage down the first time. They sought out Gov. Baldacci to go against the will of the majority and he did. He overturned what the people voted against.

As for certain Christian groups that support homosexuals, that is sad because a true Christian (especially Catholics) cannot support that type of behavior under pain of mortal sin.

David Dostie, Lewiston

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