Since 1993, there has been exhaustive research into whether people are born homosexual. After years of research, the conclusion shows no scientific evidence that homosexuals are born that way. That means gays have a choice. If they have a choice, I conclude that being gay is a lifestyle.

Being a vegetarian is a lifestyle. Smoking is a lifestyle. And being gay is a lifestyle.

One argument is that it doesn’t affect the straight community, but it does. The gay community decided they wanted laws passed and laws changed to accommodate their lifestyle.

I wonder how much money is being spent to support or fight those laws by individuals or states to implement those changes, along with the moral issues a lot of people have with the gay community’s wishes to legalize same-sex marriage?

I believe the issue is a blatant case of political correctness gone to the extreme.

Where have I gone wrong?

Gordan Howe, Hanover

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