People who believe that Mitt Romney will reduce tax rates for all and eliminate loopholes only for the wealthy are delusional.

Grover Norquist told his pledgelings that cutting tax loopholes is equal to raising taxes, so no obedient conservative would allow it. It’s OK to say you would do it though, to get votes. Just say you’ll create 12 million jobs (don’t bother to say how). Just say you’ll get tough on China, even though you’ve outsourced plenty to China.

I’ll vote for the man who passed a health care bill covering pre-existing conditions, eliminating caps on coverage, focusing on preventive care and lowering drug costs; is bringing U.S. Armed Forces home from two wars; passed banking and Wall Street reform; saved the auto industry; 34 months of job creation; and who will save Medicare for my children.

President Obama is the man who will work for the 98 percent, not the 2 percent.

Claire Dupuis, Poland

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