No two ways about it: We’re stuck on you.

After a month of weighing whether to keep writing about shopping (and snakes and Project Runway and significant others) every week or whether to retire our purses somewhere sunny after nearly seven years, we’ve decided to try the best of both worlds: The column is moving to every other Friday. One week retail, one week topless sunbathing in Turks and Caicos. Everybody wins! OK, mostly we win. And we’re pretty thrilled.

Sincere Eskimo kisses to those who called or wrote in. It was really appreciated. And um, no, your notes are not hanging on our walls so we can glance over and keep glowing. Not at all.

We’re happy to keep going at it; happy you enjoy the read. And since we are sticking around, this week it’s all about sticks!

Or more accurately, things that stick. More accurately still, things that stick that can be found at The Dollar Tree.

Because we’re frugal. And sticky. And we’ll just go now before that starts to sound weird.

* 3M transparent scotch tape, 500 inches, $1

When the good stuff is this inexpensive, skip the off-brand tape. Your packages/torn currency/monster truck posters will thank you for it.

* Luxury bows, 8-pack, $1

Buy now for Christmas. Word is, it’s coming.

* Window stickies, various, $1

From black rats to scraggly witches, palm tree scenes to yellow Christmas bells, the window sticky is a decorative force to be reckoned with.

* Sticky cork, felt or velour pads, 36 to 56 pieces per pack, $1

For do-it-yourself coasters or . . . basically, for do-it-yourself coasters.

* Stickers, various amounts, $1

Choices as varied as a packet of 300 pirate or Hot Wheels stickers to a sheet of six ice cream sundae stickers. In this aisle we learned that Bag Lady and Shopping Siren both had sticker albums as kids. (Puffy and scratch ‘n sniff were most coveted.) All this time together and still, we learn something new.

* Sticky notes, 275 count, $1

Packet includes pointy, square and rectangular sticky notes in pink, orange and neon green. For note diversity. Because “Pick up milk” is clearly square pink, while “You dirty lout” is obviously more pointy orange.

* Nail polish stickers, 10 count, $1

Intricate nail sticker designs include scarecrows, spiders, zebra stripes and leopard print. Package promises “Zero smudging, zero drying time, 100 percent shiny.” We noticed it didn’t say anything about the stickers’ ability to stay stuck, so: fingers crossed.

* Lightning skull gummy candy with tongs, $1

Pick up this gummy candy skull with the little battery-operated tongs (included) and said skull will light up while your digits remain sugar-free. Use the tongs to grab everything for an entire day.

Best find: Elmer’s sparkle glue, three pack, $1

Stick and sparkle. May be our new motto.

Think twice: About a stick in the eye. No winners there.

And speaking of new beginnings . . .

Word is Panera Bread is opening on Nov. 12 outside the Auburn Mall. We’ve been watching construction with hunger, er, anticipation. If you’ve ever tried a French toast bagel with cream cheese, you would be watching, too.

Bag Lady and Shopping Siren’s true identities are protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who think a peanut butter-filled Kong is the best sticky thing around) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach them at [email protected] and [email protected].

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