LIVERMORE FALLS — A 1-year-old boy and his mother face extensive surgery after being attacked by the family dog on Saturday.

The baby remained hospitalized Sunday evening.

Livermore Falls police officer Joe Sage was called to a Route 17 home for a reported dog bite incident Saturday morning. When he arrived, he found the child with severe facial injuries and bleeding heavily. The mother was also badly injured by the dog, a pit bull-wolf hybrid mix.

Both were taken to Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington by NorthStar EMS.

According to police, the dog had been locked in a room and quarantined the previous day by the town’s animal control officer for undisclosed reasons.

Apparently the doorway of the room in which the dog had been barricaded was low enough for the child to peer over, according to an email sent by Livermore Falls police Lt. Thomas Gould.

The dog grabbed the child by the head, pulled him over the barricade and began to maul him, Gould stated.

When the parents ran to aid the child, the mother was also attacked. They were eventually able to lock the animal in the bathroom, Gould stated.

Animal control officer Susan Metzger came to the scene, as did a veterinarian, who euthanized the dog. The dog’s remains will be tested in Augusta.

On Sunday, the child was still in surgery with severe facial damage, Gould said.

The baby’s mother, who had received stitches, is expected to undergo another round of reconstructive surgery to her arm, the lieutenant said.

There is no connection between this mauling and other pit bull-related attacks in the area, Gould said.

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