MONMOUTH — In a grassroots effort, with cans in stores, a Facebook page, a raffled quilt, attendance at basketball games and other community events, a bake sale, participation by Monmouth school children and letters of help, a group of volunteers in Monmouth called Families Helping Families is seeking donations to the Town Of Monmouth Fuel Assistance for distribution to families in need of this assistance.

The mission of Families Helping Families is to continue to assist Monmouth families in need by adding to the established Fuel Assistance Fund of the town.

All donations and contributions will go directly to the Town of Monmouth Fuel Assistance Fund and be administered following established guidelines and criteria through the Town Office.

Quilt raffle to benefit fund

Quilt raffle tickets  for a Holly Leaf Double Irish Chain are available for sale. All of the money goes to the Fuel Assistance Fund.

Quilt raffle tickets are available and can be seen on Facebook, at Monmouth basketball games, local functions, special dinner and the Theater at Monmouth in the next eight weeks.

The quilt is 72 by 84 inches, a double-sized comforter, with a Double Irish Chain quilt block pattern, constructed of reds, greens, gold and cream. It is machine wash and dry and will get softer (antiqued) with wear and washings.

It was made by Nancy Ludewig and machine quilted by Betty DeWitt and the raffle is sponsored and supported by members of The United Church of Monmouth.

The cost for one ticket is $4, about the price of a gallon of fuel oil, or three tickets for $10, six tickets for $20, etc. The drawing will be March 9. 

To donate or purchase raffle tickets, checks may be made to Town of Monmouth Fuel Assistance Fund, PO Box 270, Monmouth ME 04259. Quilt raffle tickets will be mailed (six tickets for each $20) if the donor specifies “quilt raffle” and provides address, phone number and email address.

For information, contact Darlene Sanborn at [email protected], 933-2557 or 446-6552, or Nancy Ludewig at [email protected],  933-4677 or 441-7071, or search Facebook for “Monmouth Fuel Assistance Families Helping Families.”

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