MEXICO — The Region 9 School of Applied Technology will sell calenders and use the proceeds for scholarships for senior students.

The 2013 calenders, which were printed in color and arranged by the graphic arts students, cost $15. They feature photographs of each Region 9 program and the students enrolled in them.

Cheryl Ellis, student service coordinator of Region 9, said this is the first year Region 9 has created a calender.

“It’s something we’ve thought about doing for a while now,” Ellis said. “Our graphic arts students love doing this kind of work for projects. Ruth Brown, one of the teachers here, has really provided a lot of guidance to the students. It gives us a chance to get into the classrooms and show people what we’ve been doing here.”

Ellis said they’ve been finding ways to provide scholarships for graduating students for a while.

“What we’ve done in the past is take the money we make from our fundraisers and divide it up so we can give it out to as many students as possible,” Ellis said. “We try and split the money into $100 increments and look at where each student is going after they graduate so we can give them something that will help.”

Ellis said that if a student is going to college after graduating, they’ll try to give money to the student to put toward buying books. However, if a student is going straight to work after graduation, Ellis said the scholarship money might go toward helping them purchase equipment for their job.

“Luckily, we’re a small enough school where we can look more at what each student needs,” Ellis said.

The graphic arts students began creating the calender near the end of September and finished it before winter vacation in late December. Ellis said even though the calenders were actually finished in 2012, storm days and bad weather forced them to hold off selling them until 2013.

If the 2013 calender sales prove to be successful, Ellis said Region 9 would consider making the calender a regular fundraiser.

“Right now, we’re getting a lot of positive reaction from the staff here, the parents and members of the community,” Ellis said. “I’d love to see us do this ever year.”

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