Last year, I had the joy of watching my nephew and his teammates defeat the Edward Little football team at Lewiston’s Don Roux Field. It was an exciting, hard-fought game but, from a fan’s perspective, not an enjoyable affair.

Thankfully, next year’s game is at Walton Field in Auburn.

Before more games are played at the Lewiston field, I suggest officials fix the sound system. What an embarrassment (a common occurrence, I am told). Also, there is plenty of room along the field for fans to be closer to the action. It is much more enjoyable for the fans to watch the action as close to the field as possible. And for the players, hearing family and friends cheer them on can have a steamroller effect.

It is a shame that the Lewiston High School games can’t return to the Lewiston Athletic Park field. That is where the action is. Everyone is involved; the players have the home crowd advantage and the fans can enjoy the game from every vantage point. There is no reason why that field could not be packed for every game.

I appeal to Lewiston officials to bring back LHS games to L.A.P., but, if not, perhaps L.L.Bean could be solicited as a major sponsor for fundraising plans to improve Don Roux Field, put forth by the athletic department. The Bean deal could include a concession stand selling ear plugs and binoculars.

Mark Vasiliauskas, Greene

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