MEXICO – The Board of Selectmen unanimously voted to amend a parking sign outside of Maddy’s Pizza Shop on Main Street Tuesday evening after Public Works reported problems while plowing.

Town Manager John Madigan explained to the board that the sign currently allows people to park in front of the pizza shop for up to two business hours.

“The problem right now is that Maddy’s is closed, which means there’s no business right now,” Madigan said. “Some people have been parking there for up to 12 hours, probably from the mill.  I’ve heard complaints from the plow trucks that the road is already too narrow, and with those cars parked for hours at a time, it makes it hard to plow during storms.”

Selectman George Byam suggested that they make a motion to remove the “during business hours” section of the sign so no car would be allowed to park there for more than two hours.

Selectman Reggie Arsenault said that he’d “like to see no parking there, period,” but fire Chief Gary Wentzell said the board would need to arrange a public hearing for something like that. 

Madigan agreed, explaining that removing the parking sign would require an ordinance.

The board decided that the sign could remain, but voted to remove the “during business hours” from the sign. 

“We’ll have to make sure we let the people who park there know that there’s a two-hour limit from now on,” Arsenault said. “Otherwise, they’ll start getting ticketed.”

In other business, selectmen approved the purchase of a rebuilt hydrostatic transmission pump for their sidewalk plow. Madigan said the cost of a new pump would have been around $13,000, but a used pump would be $5,000.  In addition to the used pump, the town also kept the broken pump, which Madigan said could possibly be rebuilt and used as a spare if the used pump broke.

The board also accepted bids for items offered to the public, including a plasma cutter, which is a metal-cutting tool, water pumps and truck tires.  They accepted a bid of $376.50 from John Blais for the plasma cutter, a bid of $105 from Blais for a quick switch plow, and a bid of $502 from Tom Pelletier for a box trailer undercarriage, complete with eight truck tires.

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