The creations of Todd McIntosh and John Tuttle, of McIntosh and Tuttle Cabinetmakers in Lewiston, transcend traditional cabinetry. And travel far beyond Maine.

“We try to create works of art for our customers,” says McIntosh. “Our customers are mostly out of state . . . Boston, New York and as far as Florida.”

The cabinetmakers, located in the Hill Mill, “take great pride in our work and our environmental responsibility,” says McIntosh. “Nothing is wasted. Our scraps sometimes end as art work for our homes and shop. Wood chips and saw dust is collected by a local farmer for animal bedding. (And) our love of animals allows us to have our dogs roam freely around the shop: Stella and Phoebe bring peace to our work place.”

The company’s latest project was installed a bit closer to home: furnishings and mill work for the L.L. Bean corporate office. “Our work goes to the highest level,” says McIntosh.