Please be aware that Tuesday’s Lewiston City Council decision will affect the entire state. Councilors will be asked to: PLEASE WAITE 2 SAVE OUR STATE!

In recent weeks, your readers have likely seen articles about the next great “Casella proposal” being considered for approval by the city of Lewiston. It is important that people participate in that discussion Tuesday evening.

In recent weeks individuals have provided councilors with documentation and given testimony, none of which Casella contested or responded to while the meetings were being televised. Casella’s  carefully worded 21 page response, received almost a month later and on the eve of the last meeting on Jan. 8, left a lot to be desired.

Anyone can view the Jan. 8 meeting where Biddeford’s former mayor, Joanne Twomey, and former councilor, Percy Aberle, both gave a heartfelt rebuttal to the letters written by the current mayors of both Biddeford and Saco. Former Councilor Aberle also warned against signing a 20 year contract.

It is up to each and every one of us to decide if Lewiston is to lead by example and set the stage for lawmakers to rewrite the laws governing the true definition of both in and out-of-state waste.

I am deeply concerned.

Daniel Gregoire, Lewiston

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