On Jan. 14, there was a special town meeting in New Gloucester. Turnout was quite heavy for that meeting. There was a definite tone in the hall of suspicion and anti-government feeling.

It was a very long night as several people got up to speak and sometimes went very far afield with their remarks. Others spoke compassionately about the long effects of groundwater pollution on families in the Upper Village.

At the end of the meeting, three senior citizens asked that votes be cast in the affirmative bringing, at long last, relief to the 20 households affected.

By then, many people had left the meeting, as the hour was late. It was decided that the vote would be by paper ballot and 116 people voted against the new water district; 101 people voted for it.

The net result is that a small percentage of the residents have directed the town to turn its back on fellow citizens, causing irreparable financial harm to the people in the Upper Village.

It saddens me to think how callously their fellow citizens have cast people to the winds who have to put up with polluted water.

So much for treating others as you would be treated.

Laura Sturgis, New Gloucester

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