BATH — Author Susan Herron invites readers to take a romantic adventure set on Maine’s picturesque coastline in her well-crafted new novel. “The Doctor’s Suit” tells the story of a female doctor who leaves her prestigious position on the medical school faculty and relocates to coastal Maine in an effort to get her son away from the drug and gang culture and into a more wholesome environment.

“Life in coastal Maine is very enjoyable,” Herron wrote. “I wanted an opportunity to share with others the pleasant and enriching experience of living in the unique culture along the coast of Maine.”

Mother and son face new and exciting challenges in Maine and must learn to make some adjustments to fit into the local culture. Soon, they begin to see life from a more rich and satisfying perspective, and despite a malpractice lawsuit, the doctor finally finds love again.

Readers will relate to Herron’s protagonist as she juggles her career and family life, and the issue of medical malpractice is something familiar to many. Women’s issues are examined from different perspectives while the dialect, residents and landscape of Maine’s rugged coastline come to life on each page.

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