PARIS — The Oxford County Commission took no action Tuesday on a request from a group of Hanover landowners that the town plow their road.

The matter was tabled to the Feb. 19 meeting while commissioners get information from town officials regarding the original 2003 decision to close South Shore Road to winter maintenance.

The petitioners own homes on the mile-long dirt road that follows the southern end of Howard Pond.

In 2003, the town stopped plowing the road and since then landowners who use their properties have split the cost of private contractors.

There are about 35 homes on South Shore Road, according to the petitioners, and about seven are used in the winter. The 11 petitioners argue that the lack of town plowing means that emergency services as well as power companies and fuel deliveries are blocked from accessing the homes during winter months.

According to the minutes of the Hanover Board of Selectmen, on Oct. 16 the board voted again not to resume winter maintenance of the road.

Residents are now taking their request to the commission.

State law says that municipalities can deem winter maintenance of certain roads unnecessary. That decision can be appealed to the county commission, which has final say on whether the road must be maintained.

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