CANTON — The Canton Hi-Riders Snowmobile Club asked this week that the old municipal building on School Street remain open and the club would take care of maintenance.

Residents voted last year to close the building.

At Thursday’s selectmen’s meeting, club member Colby Davis told the board he recently went into the building and realized the heat was off.

Town Administrative Assistant Harry Childs said he ordered heating oil that cost $890.

Selectman Shane Gallant suggested having the town call someone to winterize the building, but Colby thought it would be expensive to do now.

According to Gallant, it may take three or four more tanks of oil before winter is over and the cost may be $3,000 or $4,000.

Gallant motioned to get something in writing from the snowmobile club assuring it will pay for the oil to heat the building this winter.

Davis said he would take care of it.

In other business, Childs pointed out that the governor’s proposed cuts in Homestead Exemption and municipal revenue sharing would result in higher property taxes. The property tax rate could go from $19.65 per $1,000 of assessed value to as much as $22.27, he said.

Childs said he needed to hear from the board what action to take on the upcoming budget. The board thought each department head could try to keep as low a budget as possible.

Childs informed the board the woodlot cutting has earned the town $52,470, so far, and there is more to cut in the spring.

The annual town meeting was scheduled for June 15. Childs said he would get the financial report in the May Town Crier so people could review it before the town report was complete.

The decision to opt out of Maine Municipal Association’s unemployment policy was tabled until next meeting. Childs said the town could provide less expensive insurance in-house, but Selectman Jackie Conant was not comfortable with the decision and said she would not vote to drop it.

There will be an informational meeting from 6 to 9 p.m. Feb. 13 on the proposed firetruck purchase.

Gallant, who is chief of the Canton Volunteer Fire Department, has advocated a custom-built chassis that is stronger, safer and lasts longer than a lighter commercial frame.

The new engine would replace a 37-year-old one.

In another matter Thursday, the board voted not to fund the photocopier lease for next year because  Childs purchased a smaller one that is doing the job and saving the town considerable money.