This Catholic Schools’ mission statement is a concise declaration that reminds us we are called to continually raise the bar in the four areas that are the cornerstone to our success. It helps us to frame our programming, it helps us in our interactions with both parents and students, and it helps us to remain faithful to all that is great about Catholic education.

Faith – Each school day at St. Dom’s is intertwined with faith. We begin and end the day with prayer and are constantly bringing God and Church into discussions so that our students are learning through the lens of a healthy spirituality. We accept students of all faiths and are continually exploring ways to deepen our faith so that God is a part of our everyday lives.

Academics – St. Dom’s has a strong history of raising the bar academically. Our students continually score above state and national norms and are admitted into some of the most prestigious colleges in the country. Each year many of graduates return to tell us how well prepared they were for their academic program in college. Our goal is to challenge our students to become the best person they can be.

Community – I often refer to St. Dom’s as a family and am always looking for ways to make sure each student feels that way. This sense of family and community translates into a nurturing environment where students can be their own selves and be recognized for their efforts.

Service – Linking faith, academics and community is service. This is the basis of our Catholic faith and, in turn, of our school. We realize that the many blessings we receive should be reciprocated to those who need help and support. There is an expectation at each grade level that we are to give to others of our time, talent, and treasure. Whether at a class-wide service project, during a collection at Mass for a nonprofit agency or natural disaster, or when fulfilling community service hours for religion class, our students are constantly reminded and respond to help those in need. The beautiful lesson we all learn is that in this giving of ourselves, we are receiving the graces we need to live a fulfilling life.

Obviously, this is not a small task. Our commitment to each of our families is that we are here to help each other on the way – both on the way to life on earth and also to eternal life. In this way, we are able to raise the bar in faith, academics, community, and service in a meaningful and fulfilling way. Please plan to visit soon to get a firsthand look at our school in action. We are here for you!

Donald Fournier