All five Peru selectmen face a recall vote. If Peru residents chose to sign a petition, and it doesn’t matter which petition, they should have known the facts behind them. Voters who were unsure should never have signed them.

People should attend the selectmen’s meetings every Monday and see for themselves, or get a copy of the minutes. Or, better yet, listen to the meetings because they are all recorded and available.

Everything that happened is public knowledge. People should find out exactly what it was that caused the petitions in the first place. They should not go by  hearsay, or say things they don’t know to be true. So many Peru taxpayers want to believe what they are being told is the truth. I guess people believe that no one in this world ever lies to make things fit their agenda.

Peru taxpayers need to open their eyes before it is too late to do anything. In the end, taxpayers will have no one to blame but themselves.

They should find out before the public hearing, Feb. 11.

Yvette Umbro, Peru

Editor’s note: On Dec. 21, petitions calling for the recall of Selectmen Laurieanne Milligan and Kathy Hussey for failure to represent the will of the people and failure to carry out appropriately the duties of office were presented to the Peru Board of Selectmen; on Jan. 14, petitions calling for the recall of remaining Selectmen Timothy Holland, Edward Ferland and Richard Powell were presented to the board. A public hearing on the petitions will be held Feb. 11; the public will vote March 4.

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