Good grief

So, the man who provides the voice for the inimitable Charlie Brown has been arrested on suspicion of stalking. His only comment when they picked him up: “Uuuuuugh!” Coming soon to a TV near you: “It’s a Restraining Order, Charlie Brown.” It will be difficult to film given that Charlie isn’t allowed within 500 feet of Lucy.

Fist-pounding fun

Another week, another Gov. LePage meltdown. Remember when those were fun? Me neither. When they get around to making a movie about his time in the Blaine House, I figure he’ll be portrayed by the terminally crabby Peter Boyle. Whether it’s grumpy “Everybody Loves Raymond” Boyle or snarling “Young Frankenstein” Boyle doesn’t matter much. What matters is that Boyle is dead, so they can never make that movie.

House passes debt-limit extension

What, did you really expect to find something written here beneath a headline like that? Keep moving, pal.


Yes, indeed. Biting cold. Bitter cold. The kind of cold that punches you in the face and crawls into your bones. But so what? Extreme weather makes us feel alive. It pushes us to overcome and brings us together as people. It’s man against nature out there and man will prevail. Embrace the cold, I say. Welcome it and rise to the challenge. It’s a beautiful thing.

Really cold

Yeah, I don’t believe any of that frozen bull dung.

Magic Man

It was a lively week for our street-wandering hero. Many of us honored him through stories of his enigmatic exploits, and he did his part by getting arrested at the Lewiston Public Library. Keen. Meanwhile, a Greene man wrote me with an interesting story. Seems the fellow once tried to give The Magic One a 10 dollar bill while he was out collecting bottles and cans. Old Magic wanted nothing to do with it, I’m told. He passed on the 10-spot and kept on moving, defying space and time with that way he has. So mysterious. But let’s not quit so easily. If you’ll all send me a 10 dollar bill, I’ll try to give them to The Magic Man himself. If he refuses to take it, we’re all richer for the experience. Operative word being “richer” here. Send money now.

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