BETHEL — A Greenwood man is charged with kicking an Oxford County Sheriff’s Office deputy at a domestic violence incident Saturday night.

David Brian Cherkis, 44, was arrested on charges of assault on an officer and domestic assault, according to a report by Deputy Peter Casey.

Cherkis was being held in the Oxford County Jail in Paris on Monday night with bail set at $1,000 and the possibility of a supervised release through Maine Pretrial Services.

Casey’s report said he responded to a domestic violence call in Bethel where Cherkis was throwing items and smashing up the house. The deputy separated Cherkis from a woman and her children, and sat him down to ask him what happened.

Casey wrote that Cherkis grew increasingly irritable and attempted to open cabinet drawers and reach onto the floor where “weapons of opportunity” were present.

Casey handcuffed him and put him back in the chair. When Deputy Michael Halacy arrived, Cherkis stood up and walked toward Halacy “in a threatening manor.” When Casey grabbed Cherkis’ arm to hold him back, Cherkis kicked Casey hard in the leg, according to the report.

The two deputies put Cherkis in Casey’s cruiser, where Cherkis threatened to kick out a window and choke Casey, according to the report. Cherkis was secured in the back seat so he couldn’t hurt himself.

His arraignment is set for 8:30 a.m. May 7 in Oxford County Superior Court in Paris.

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