I have always had a little more respect for folks who tell it like it is versus those who don’t.

What if all the prices on items sold in this country were rounded up, or better still, rounded down, and included taxes so prices would be in even dollars?

Before Christmas, one flier caught my eye. It had several items ranging from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Every item ended in .99 cents. Again, what if they added a penny to each item, would they still sell? Probably.

Would gas sell for $3.54 per gallon as well as $3.53 9/10ths  per gallon?

I wonder if the large department stores, restaurants and grocery stores, over a period of time, priced items to include all taxes, if they would still sell their wares.

Imagine going through the line at department stores and not having to search through our pockets, or well organized purses, to find the elusive pennies, nickles and dimes to pay the extra pennies it costs.

We wouldn’t need the little dishes of pennies in some establishments and the lines would flow through much quicker.

Win, win solution?

I wonder what business might have the courage to be a trendsetter and round prices up or, preferably, round them down.

How awesome would that be?

Just wondering.

Harold Rowley, Peru

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