FARMINGTON – A judge set bail Tuesday for a Jay man charged with domestic violence assault and violation of release conditions.

Michael W. Gatcomb Jr., 29, who was arrested Sunday after a standoff in North Jay, had bail set at $10,000 and $1,000 cash, respectively.

Gatcomb was the subject of a multiday police search after he ran into woods Friday when police stopped a vehicle in which he was a passenger in Jay. The stop was related to warrants on the domestic assault and violation of conditions of release charge, Assistant District Attorney Joshua Robbins said in 12th District Court.

Judge Nancy Carlson also ordered Gatcomb to have no contact with the victim, not to possess or use dangerous weapons and to not use or possess alcohol or illegal drugs.

Gatcomb pleaded not guilty to the violation of release conditions. He did not enter pleas to any of the felony charges he faces.

He is charged on one misdemeanor count each of failure to submit to arrest and violation of condition of release related to fleeing police on Friday, Robbins said.

Gatcomb denied a civil violation of creating a police standoff.

He also denied violating preconviction bail conditions in connection with two charges of felony theft that occurred at Hannaford Bros. in Jay on Jan. 5. He is accused of stealing health and beauty products and turning them in for money and a gift card. The thefts were elevated due to criminal history, police had said.

Defense attorney Woody Hanstein said Gatcomb categorically denies the domestic assault charge. The two theft charges in relation to Hannaford were shoplifting, he said, and have been elevated because of prior history.

Probable cause has not been established, Hanstein said.

He suggested a pretrial service contract for Gatcomb.

Robbins said the probable cause was established when an arrest warrant was issued related to the domestic violence assault.

Among Gatcomb’s previous convictions, Robbins said, are assault, tampering with a witness, failure to appear, burglaries and thefts.

“It’s a long history,” Robbins said. “Mr. Gatcomb has a reputation well earned for running from police.”

Gatcomb faces charges in Kennebec County, Robbins said. On Jan. 20, a Monmouth police officer attempted to stop a Jeep in that town. The Jeep reached speeds of more than 100 miles per hour, struck a building and backed out toward the officer, Robbins said.

The vehicle ran out of gas and the officer drew his service revolver when he approached the vehicle. He realized it was a mail Jeep and was a left side drive, Robbins said. He almost shot at the passenger, he said. Gatcomb had fled the scene.

That happened 10 days before he fled from a Wilton police officer, Robbins said.

There is nothing to ensure he will return to court, he said.

Judge Carlson said she agreed with the state.

She told Gatcomb he will have the opportunity to argue for a lower bail at a bail hearing once an attorney is appointed to him.

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